Fashionable Drama: DAY 500 - The First Blog Post

Sinead Slane

Posted on February 18 2020

Fashionable Drama: DAY 500 - The First Blog Post


Another creative door has finally been swung open to share our thoughts and dreams, style ideals and take on fashion, and it only took 500 days to write!...sure who's counting!?

So, what do you normally write on a first blog post? Simple enough question, but try telling my brain to think one thought at a time and somehow work in harmony with my fingers is another thing entirely. So I'm just going to go with the flow and see what comes out, you've waited long enough....

The WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN of Uptown Bibi


We're not your average anything. We're Uptown B!B! - Your one stop shop for a wardrobe full of fashionable drama.

We're not your regular 'boutique' or high street store selling women's clothes, we're somewhere in-between dancing to the beat of our own tune.  

As my personal style is varied and influenced by a variety of things; the music I'm listening to, how I'm feeling and what part of my personality I choose to showcase - this is the mindset behind Uptown Bibi.  It's a place you can choose to stay outside the box, not step into it.  We are about building a community of strong, confident gals who rock their style,  and support each other to be the best version of themselves. 


"You like New York city in the daytime
I like New York city in the nighttime..."


Uptown styles and Downtown eclectic mix of contemporary styles and vintage vibes are at the forefront of our offering, where individual style is the key to showcasing personality and individuality.  We can be glam or urban, edgy or feminine, anything but ordinary!    

WHERE did the name come from?

One of my favourite cities is New York, so Uptown derived from that.  Bibi is Arabic for 'lady', and with my obsession with vintage clothing it's also a nod to Biba, the iconic clothing brand of the 60s and 70s. 


After reading The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, as recommended by close friend and Lifeskills Mentor Cliodhna Fullen, I wrote an announcement on the notes on my phone on the grand opening of Uptown Bibi.  At this point  it was still very much a dream, I picked a date nonetheless which had no real significance to me other than I needed a date. I was putting it out into the universe as instructed.

Two years passed and Uptown Bibi finally became a reality, we opened the store on 5th October 2018.  A couple of months later, one night whilst flicking through Netflix I stumbled across The Secret and started watching it, then the 20p dropped (another story for another day), and I remembered the note I'd written on my phone.  After numerous scrolling to find it, and believe me it was a lengthy scroll, I discovered that the date of opening I'd written WAS 5th October 2017.  Granted we opened a year later, but the actual date of opening was spot on!  We were scheduled to open three weeks earlier but the date got pushed back twice, third time's a charm!.....Manifested or coincidence?! decide.

Over to you....

Our door is open to everyone and we don't let age define our style, so don't you.  Enter with an open mind and the floor is yours to have fun, explore, create and style your own fashionable drama. Our store is open 6 days a week and our website 24/7, 365.  We ship worldwide and also offer free 'Click & Collect' in-store. 

We'd love to hear your views; we're open to hearing any suggestions you may have, share with us your experience shopping at Uptown Bibi, and feel to ask us any questions.  Join us on Instagram and Facebook as that's where we hang out the most.

Fashionably late yet stylishly yours,

Sinéad xox

One half of Uptown Bibi

PS: I won't leave it as long to the next post, there's been lots of amazing things happen and more yet to come, so stay tuned.

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  • Andrea Irvine: February 18, 2020

    Love love love this Boutique…
    Clothes are so Quirky & different from other boutiques..
    So different I purchased 3 dresses within 2months B4 last Xmas!!
    Was back last week and walked out with another 3 dresses 🙈
    Sinead so helpful & a joy to even have a Chit Chat
    Highly recommend a visit girls 👌🏻

  • Charlotte Tracey: February 18, 2020

    Love the shop!! Can’t wait to stop in again. Congrats on 500 days!!

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